Healthy Food

PDF ebook about Food and Health


Biologically based therapies, is the precise name of a NCCAM classification, for alternative treatments that use substances found in nature, such as:


         animal-derived extracts



         fatty acids

         amino acids


         prebiotics and probiotics

         whole diets

         functional foods.


The following is a non-exhaustive list of foods considered healthy:

         Apple cider vinegar, a fruit vinegar considered a health food

         Broccoli sprouts

         Certain cereal products

         Corn flakes

         Digestive biscuit,

         Graham cracker

         Graham bread

                                             Shredded wheat

         Herbal extract, plants, often medicinal that are concentrated and standardized

         Herbal teas

         , a naturally occurring whole sweetener

                  Meat analogue, a dietary alternative to meat, found in health vegetarian and vegan diets

         Molasses, black strap molasses has been sold as a health food

         Certain oils, including olive oil and fish oil


         , traditional cultured milk product