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Rheumatology : Primary-Care-Event-May-2011-EULAR-2011-London
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Immuno-Oncology 2018 World Congress (Immuno-Oncology2018)
23/03/18 - : 2018-06-25 : : Hématologie It is our pleasure to invite you to participate in the Immuno-Oncology 2018 World Congress (Immuno-Oncology2018), which will take place 25-26 June 2018, in Vienna, Austria. Immuno-Oncology2018 will focus on the late...

1ère Journée nationale de Greffe de CSH
17/03/18 - : 2018-04-14 : : Hématologie

1ère Journée nationale de Greffe organisée par le Groupe Algérien de Travail sur la Greffe de CSH (GATGCSH) à l'occasion du 20 ème anniversaire de cette activité en Algérie (1998-2018)...

ESH 4th International Conference on Hematologic Malignancies at Older Age: Biology and Therapy
26/10/17 - Congres médical/Evénement qui aura lieu le : 2018-03-09 : Spécialité: HématologieESH 4th International Conference on HEMATOLOGIC MALIGNANCIES AT OLDER AGE: BIOLOGY AND THERAPY March 9-11, 2018 – Mandelieu, France C...

8ème Congrès la Faculté de Pharmacie de Monastir
05/08/17 - Congres médical/Evénement qui aura lieu le : 2017-10-26 : Spécialité: Hématologie

Nous avons le plaisir et l'honneur de vous annoncer que la Faculté de Pharmacie de Monastir organise le 8ème congrès la Faculté de Pharmacie de Monastir les 26, 27 et 28 Octobre 2017 à la faculté de pharmacie de Monastir.
Les principaux thèmes retenus :
• Microbiote intestinal et santé
• Les Innovations en oncologie
• La gériatrie , maladie d’Alzheimer, DMLA (dégénérescence maculaire liée à l’âge)
• Le diabète

ESH 4th International Conference on AML
05/08/17 - Congres médical/Evénement qui aura lieu le : 2017-10-05 : Spécialité: Hématologie

4th International Conference on
ACUTE MYELOID LEUKEMIA: “Molecular and translational” –
Advances in the Biology and Treatment
October 5-7, 2017 – Estoril, Portugal
Chairs: B. Löwenberg, H. Döhner, M. Tallman

Molecular techniques are creating novel insights into the biology and therapeutic perspectives of AML. Molecular diagnosis allows us to distinguish distinct disease entities and to identify patients with different disease behavior and prognosis. Genomic and epigenetic studies have revealed entirel...

7th Edition of the Multilateral Initiative on Malaria (MIM)
05/08/17 - Congres médical/Evénement qui aura lieu le : 2018-04-15 : Spécialité: Hématologie

The Multilateral Initiative on Malaria (MIM) was established in 1997 with a mission to strengthen and sustain through collaborative research and training, the capacity of malaria-endemic countries in Africa to carry out research that is required to develop and improve tools for malaria control and to strengthen the research-control interphase.

MIM is an alliance of individuals, funding partners and four autonomous constituents: the MIM/TDR, MIMCom, MR4 and the MIM Secretariat.

MIM contributes to global efforts to address the problem of malaria by facilitating the ...

22/04/17 - Congres médical/Evénement qui aura lieu le : 2017-08-16 : Spécialité: Hématologie

This course is a comprehensive review
of hematology/oncology that focuses on
the clinical application of new research
developments over the preceding year.
The most important clinical management
questions in hematology/oncology will also
be addressed in highly interactive sessions....

The 2nd International Meeting on CardiOncology (IMCO2017)
10/02/17 - Congres médical/Evénement qui aura lieu le : 2017-06-15 : Spécialité: Hématologie

The 2nd International Meeting on CardiOncology will take place from 15-16 June, 2017 in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The main aims of this meeting are:
a) To establish and develop the field of cardio-oncology in Israel.
b) To bring together cardiologists, oncologists, hemato-oncologists and general practitioners from Israel and worldwide.
c) To bring together national and international medical and para-medical disciplines involved, including the fields of imaging, biomarkers and others.
d) To give stage for basic scientists and pharma companies involved in the d...

19th Euro Congress on Cancer Science & Therapy
16/12/16 - Congres médical/Evénement qui aura lieu le : 2017-07-17 : Spécialité: Hématologie

Conference Series LLC extends its heartfelt welcome to “19th Euro Cancer Science and Therapy Congress” that will be held in Lisbon, Portugal during July 17-19,  2017.The conference will be organised around the theme ‘Defining an Evolved Approach towards Cancer Treatment’

Cancer Science 2017 will provide an unparalleled prospect to get associated with leading oncologists, doctors, scientists, academicians, specialists & business associates coming from all over the world. As the theme of the conference relates it serves as a global platform to conv...

Revue Algérienne d?Hématologie
21/11/15 - Revue Algérienne d’Hématologie Revue Algérienne d’Hématologie N° 08 / 09  Septembre 2013 / 2014 Revue Algérienne d’Hématologie N° Spécial Avril 2014 Revue Algérienne d’Hématologie N° 04 Mars 2011 Revue Algérienne d’Hématologie N° 03 Septembre 2010 Revue Algérienne d’Hématologie N° 02 Mars 2010 Revue Algérienne d’Hématologie N° 01 Septembre 2009 Revue Algérienne d’Hématologie N° 00 Mars […]

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